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TWISPER is rebranding!

To achieve our ambitious goals for the next year, we've decided to change the way we present ourselves. We've thought about new ways that our app can truly contribute to people doing online recommendations of their favorite places to eat, sleep and drink.

In more ways than one, our rebranding makes:

1. the app interface more streamlined and less clunky

2. the logo more versatile in many different contexts

3. TWISPER even more fun, fresh and exciting

In the process of rebranding, we hired more people, established offices in Lisbon and Geneva, and are building a social travel community that knows the value of evangelizing great experiences.

Say hello to this newly-revamped version of TWISPER, the social travel app.

Communicating our 3 pillars: easy, unique and positive

At TWISPER, we brainstormed what our app represents and our positioning in the whole social, travel and lifestyle niches. Before we get into the rebranding, we had to ask ourselves these vital questions:

  1. What is the new TWISPER?

  2. How does the new TWISPER work?

  3. How does the new TWISPER look like?

What is the new TWISPER?

TWISPER is a social travel app, where people can share their favorite places to eat, sleep and drink. Its simple and easy-to-use interface works in 3 key principles: Search, Save and Share.

● Users can search their friends’ favorite restaurants, hotels and bars

● Users can save their favorite places in their profile

● Users can share their favorite places with their friends

For example, if a user had a great experience in a restaurant, hotel or bar, they can leave a positive comment in its business profile and add them as one of their favorite places to visit.

On TWISPER, users can limit the recommendations to their friends. For example, when a user goes to Lisbon, they can search for the great places recommended by their friends living in the area.

Of course, they can also look into the whole TWISPER community for guidance for the best places to visit. More about this later when we get into the app.

In the next few months, we will include gamification and more community engagement features, and we’re really excited. Stay tuned 😉.

TWISPER principles

What do we want to convey to people and businesses when using the app? We managed to narrow down our principles down to three things:

  • We are easy - We have created an app that features an intuitive UI. After all, we have a relatively straightforward purpose. We are providing a platform for users to search, save and share their favorite restaurants, hotels and bars with friends.

  • We are unique - Our unique value proposition resides on what our platform doesn’t have. We are free of advertising. User data belongs exclusively within the app, not sold in any way. We also have no ratings, and we are actively going against the grain of these systems. After all, every great experience is very unique and subjective to the person. Ultimately, the way many rating systems attempt to quantify “great” experiences are truly flawed, deceptive and can cost money to users and businesses.

  • We are positive - If users have a positive experience, they leave great feedback on the place’s business profile on TWISPER. Places get a referral boost by providing high-quality experience. We are a platform that wants to encourage great experiences and to let our users reward these positive experiences by telling their friends about this awesome business on TWISPER. We also donate a portion of our monthly turnover to charities. After all, isn’t helping the world (and each other) the whole purpose of positivity?


The new TWISPER app retains elements of the older one, but with a more streamlined interface than before. The new TWISPER interface has a brighter color scheme overall, with each color representing a type of user interaction on the app.

For example, when searching through the map, filtering options include:

Me - Only shows the user’s favorite places on the map, which are displayed in yellow.

Friends - Only shows the user’s friends’ favorite places on the map, which are displayed in blue.

Community - Shows places that have been favorited by all TWISPER users, which are displayed in green.

mobile app map
TWISPER navigation map

App logo

app logo example

A combination of the words “trust” and “whisper”, TWISPER values itself on being the social travel app, where people can get recommendations on restaurants, hotels and bars to visit from friends and the ambassadors they follow, and to see the TWISPER community's favorite places around the world.

The app logo references the origins of the app’s name - (T)rust and (W)hisper - and is a shorter version of the company logo. The app logo is surrounded by the four main colors that comprise the app: blue, yellow, green and purple. Each color represents values that we want the TWISPER app and community to have.

Company logo

company logo example

The TWISPER company logo uses Gill Sans - a font known for its classic simplicity and clear beauty and is intended to be clearly seen from close and afar.

The slogan Be advised, by friends mentions what our app is intended for. TWISPER is a social travel platform that prides itself on encouraging authentic interactions between users, their friends and businesses - all of which make up the whole TWISPER community.

examples of typography for web
TWISPER Typography

At the same time, we also encourage users and their friends to use the app and get updates on the best places to eat, sleep and drink. For example, if a user wants some recommendations in Barcelona from a friend living there, the friend can put their favorite places on the TWISPER app for the user to see.

information, individuals, interactions
The pivotal "i" in TWISPER

The stylized i is comprised of four different colors and serves as the focal point of the company logo. In essence, TWISPER is:

● A source of (i)nformation on the best restaurants, hotels and bars to visit, as recommended by friends and favorited by the TWISPER community.

● A community of (i)ndividuals that come together to discover and share the best places to eat sleep and drink. On TWISPER, we value the experience of every individual user and take pride in creating a platform that places authenticity and real recommendations above anything else.

● A platform that values and encourages authentic (i)nteractions between users and businesses, and users and their friends. After all, great interaction and engagement are the bedrock of any word-of-mouth social travel app.

TWISPER colors

In essence, we chose the colors green, yellow, blue and purple, because they go well together and they represent our values in more ways than one.

company color palette


icon examples

With our icons, we decided to go bold and vibrant. After all, we want something that pops out of the page, attracts attention in a way that’s energetic and joyous.

The Taste Test, one of our newest offerings, features 1-minute videos featuring our ambassadors answering lightning-fast round. We are using TWISPER’s primary colors, in a way that’s colorful and energetic.

TWISPER Business and launching the blog

mobile app ui
TWISPER Business

The new TWISPER not only represents our values, but also our progression and what we want to achieve. We are an app based in Switzerland, but we have teams in Geneva and Lisbon, Portugal. Our team is evidently very international, coming from the Southeast Asia, West Europe and even Russia. As such, the app is decidedly international.

We've recently launched TWISPER Business, which focuses on giving businesses in food, drinking and hospitality the chance to improve their image on the app. Like the app, TWISPER Business relies on transparency and a commission-free flat-fee pricing scheme. In the market, for example, we are one of the most affordable platforms to offer the book now button – by far.

But even then, you can already verify your business on the app for free, so check it out if you have one!

Finally, we are in the process of launching our community blog that will focus on great stories in social travel, food and culture around the world. If you have something to write about, don’t hesitate to email me at :

See you!

- Julian from TWISPER

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