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Making TWISPER more social – introducing likes and comments

Comments and likes are important in every social media platform. Users on social media use these tools to engage and interact with each other, especially when private messaging feels too personal, or when they want their reactions seen by other people.

Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or even Tumblr, users do the equivalent of liking and commenting on good posts on their feed. Seen a funny cat meme? Like. Seen a contest where you need to follow and tag your friends in the comments section to increase your chances of winning? Like and comment. Seen someone get a new job? Like (and maybe comment congratulations!).

As a social travel app, at TWISPER, we’ve decided to release these two features to facilitate word-of-mouth discoveries of great places to eat, sleep and drink around the world.

Let’s get into these two new social features: like and comments.

How do I like and comment on TWISPER? 

On the Timeline tab, you can see your friends’ latest activities, whether it’s favoriting a place or making some feedback about it.  On the latest version of the app now, you can now like and comment on your friends’ latest activities, and get notifications when people do the same to yours. 

Liking and commenting is very easy:

  1. Go to the Timeline tab, where you can see your friends’ latest favorite places to eat, sleep and drink, and their feedback on those places.

  2. To like, tap on the like button. 

  3. To comment, tap on comment, start typing, and click on the send icon. 

  4. You can also edit your comment by clicking on the three dots next to it.

TWISPER is turning (more) social

The Timeline provides an interface for easy interaction between users and their friends to share and discover places to eat, sleep and drink. On TWISPER, liking and commenting allow people to share recommendations with their network of friends and to get into discussions about these places. After all, we value word-of-mouth discoveries of places to eat, sleep and drink through authentic interactions.

Let’s imagine a scenario, did Toby - your colleague working in sales but more importantly a guy who lives during summer - just favorited a tropical-themed bar in Shoreditch, London? Well, because Toby’s taste in nice summer bars is exquisite, you trust him to give great recommendations on the matter.

You leave a comment on his latest favorite place, because private messaging him is a bit too intimate (you’re colleagues with him, but not close enough for this one-on-one chat on such a casual topic) and maybe other people might find the question interesting: What cocktails did you get?” 

Just a good aperol spritz, he responds.

Ah, the Aperol Spritz - an effervescent mixture of club soda and Prosecco (or champagne if you’re feeling devilish considering the Venetian origins of the apperitif). It’s that perfect summer drink that even has its popular Instagram hashtag.

Keen to get into the trend, you trust his judgment, comment I can’t wait to try it out 😍, like his experience, and bookmark the place on TWISPER to Try Out

Who knows, maybe next weekend - or tonight - you might decide to visit Central London and visit that cool summer cocktail bar and take an aperol spritz - or two, or three.

Down the pipeline

In the next few months, we'll be launching more exciting features to encourage meaningful interactions on TWISPER, between users, their friends, and the whole community.

This includes making some changes in the Friends section that will facilitate finding people that they know on TWISPER.

We will also be introducing a Facebook API to allow users to add their Facebook friends using the TWISPER app. 

For TWISPER Business, we also have a new exciting feature down the line called Listings, which will give business owners more ways to control their digital image. 

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