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SEQ 20

SEQ 20

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Your Discoveries

Find great new places quickly and easily through your friends’ recommendations.

Discover and share great places with friends


Your List

Never forget your favorite places and those you want to try out. Add them on your personalized map.

Save Places


Your Community

Exchange recommendations with your friends through the in-built private chat and feed.

Start Sharing

Demi Snelleman

Jonas Canton


Your Inspiration

Follow TWISPER Ambassadors, city experts, influencers, partners and/or your favorite magazine and get inspired on where to find the best places in town. 

Be Inspired

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Peter Meier

Great app! Fab concept, potentially more trustworthy than websites like TripAdvisor since your friends are ones recommending places. Sign up!

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 15.35.00.png

“Perfect service for travellers and people that like to eat out and experience new places. Great contests with amazing trips to win. 

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 15.35.14.png

Very interesting concept, ideal to find good restaurants, bars and hotels. Super helpful when planning a trip. You won’t regret downloading it!

Demi Snelleman

Jonas Canton

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