Twisper Best Practices


At Twisper, we encourage you to add amazing locations you find and to share them with the Twisper community.

To ensure that Twisper locations remain unique and offer a special experience for the community, we ask you to bear in mind a few points before adding a location to Twisper:

– Is this location ‘unique’? Is the product or service this location is offering different from other, perhaps similar, businesses and locations? If yes, then it should be in Twisper.
– Does this location deliver their product or service through a unique or unusual concept? You might have seen other business or locations do what this location does, but maybe not delivered to you in the same way…

Twisper Highlights & Tags:

Highlights are short reviews and memories of your time at a location that you want to share with the Twisper community. The Twisper philosophy is to share great experiences with one another so they are positive. For this reason, you can only write a highlight for a location that you have favorited. If you have a bad experience, simply remove the location from your favorites. The less a location is favorited, the less it will be recommended across the Twisper community. Remember, you can always add a private note too, for any information you want to remember but don’t want to share.

Tags for locations should not include any offensive language. They can be personal but remember they are also for the benefit of the Twisper community too, so they should truthfully represent the location tagged.

Pictures and Intellectual Property:

Locations look better when they have a picture. At Twisper, we encourage you to add images for locations you add and for ones you come across too. However, before sharing this content on Twisper, please be sure you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

Privacy and Identity:

We ask that you refrain from publishing any personal information of others without their consent. Posing as another person, creating a false presence for an organization, or creating multiple accounts undermines community and violates our terms.



What is Twisper?

Twisper is network of passionate travelers and hospitality experts showcasing and sharing the best locations from around the world. It is a ‘semi-curated’ travel service that recommends new locations to you based on the people you follow and the locations you’ve already favorited.

How does a ‘semi-curated’ travel network work?

It simply means that Twisper will make sure that locations submitted by other Twisper Members meet our location criteria. Not sure what a Twisper location is? See below or read our short best practices guide above. If the location a Member adds does not meet the Twisper location criteria, Twisper has the right to reject the location.

Is Twisper free?

Yes. Everybody can access Twisper for free. In some cases, you don’t even have to have an account to enjoy the service. Use our web app and you can search, get directions and see location profiles for free. Some future features however will be available exclusively through premium paid accounts or will require you to have a number of Twisper Miles.

How do I get Twisper?

It couldn’t be easier! Download Twisper for iPhone at the Apple App Store. No iPhone? No problem. You can also register for our Web App using Facebook or your email

Where can I use Twisper?

Twisper is both for local and global use. You can use it in the hotel or airport lobby, in the home, out on the street and on-the-go. Share your favorite restaurants with friends back home or discover a quiet café in a city you’ve just landed in. Twisper also offers the possibility to save locations to a personal collection which you can then download and access easily offline – perfect for those moments when internet isn’t available. Urban exploring doesn’t always come with a WIFI connection…

Finding Locations

How do I search and find a location?

Twisper offers two types of searches: one for a specific place you know the name of but perhaps need more details; and a second more general search for when you only know a little about a location (or perhaps nothing at all). Access the specific search by choosing ‘search’ in the left menu bar on your mobile device. For a general search, go to ‘locations’ in the left menu bar and search for a name, tag or city. You can then filter your results by category, price range, etc, by swiping right for the filter options. Twisper automatically orders the results to places that are nearest to you.

Can I search for a location that is not ‘near me’ but in another city?

Yes. You can search for locations by city by using a general search. Just access ‘locations’ in the left menu bar and type in your city. Add locations to your favorites, Want To Gos and, soon, to personal curated collections.


What is a Twisper location?

Besides offering high quality products and services, a Twisper location has a unique character, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it memorable and worth sharing. It’s something that delivers an authentic experience through a unique concept. Read our short best practices guide to ‘What Is a Twisper Location’ here

Can users add locations?

Yes. You are more than welcome to add your favorite locations and places you discover to Twisper. Be sure to add pictures and tags that best describe the place. You may even want to add a highlight.

Can I add a location privately?

Of course. When adding a location to your Twisper favorites, Want To Gos or a collection, simply set the parameters to private and nobody will ever know!

Highlights and Private Notes

What is a “highlight”?

A highlight is a positive memory or experience you want to share with the Twisper community about a specific location.

What if I want to share a bad experience?

The Twisper philosophy is to share positive experiences with one another and thus make sure we only have great locations to recommend and discover. If you don’t like a location, simply remove it from your favorites. The less a location is favorited, the less it will be recommended across the Twisper community and to your followers. Alternatively, simply write a private note by swiping write to access the location options.

Want to Gos

What is a “Want to Go”?

Want to Gos (WTGs) are a list of locations you wish to visit at some point, in your city or elsewhere. You can manage your WTG list by adding them to your favorites, or simply removing them. You can add any location you find on Twisper as a WTG.


What happens when I follow someone on Twisper?

When you follow someone on Twisper, you get notified of this person’s activity in your newsfeed and you can share locations directly with one another. You will also begin to receive new location recommendations based on their Twisper activity too.


What is a Twisper Guide and how does it work?

A Twisper Guide is a collection of locations that you can share easily with friends, family and colleagues. Community Members can subscribe to a Guide and discover a destination in a whole new, personal, way. Subscribing also means that Members will be updated of any changes to the Guide, so it is a travel Guide that never goes out of date.

The Twisper Miles Program

What is the Twisper Miles Program?

The Twisper Miles program is a fun new way to experience Twisper. Every action completed in Twisper means you collect Miles. The more Miles you receive in a day, the higher your chances of receiving a bottle of Laurent Perrier from Twisper. Keep using Twisper to improve your rank and become a Twisper Editor, with the right to buy and sell Premium Guides to others. 

Twisper favorites

What are 'Twisper favorites'?

Twisper Members add some locations, while Twisper Ambassadors and our experts around the world add others. This second type of location is a ‘Twisper favorite’ and because our Ambassadors and experts selected it, we can guarantee it will be unique and offer a high quality product or service. Locations we add are locations we love and we know you’ll love them too.

How many Twisper favorites are there?

Our Ambassadors around the world are constantly adding to this number. Twisper currently has more than 17,000 locations in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa to choose from.


I own a location, how can I have it featured on Twisper?

Thanks for wanting to get involved! We’re sorry but currently there is no way for location owners to have their location featured on Twisper. Twisper is a community driven project to highlight great locations around the world. However, there are other options. Visit our business pages for more information.


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